Hi-Fi Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
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About Us

At Pampa Audio we strive to provide a personalized service in design and construction of vacuum tube Hi-Fi audio equipment, built using the same techniques of the vacuum tube era.


We offer single ended and push-pull power amplifiers, turntable phono preamps and headphone amplifiers, designed to meet your needs.

Our builds are completely handcrafted, which allows us to pay attention to every single detail; solid hardwood chassis with steel engraved plates, custom wound transformers and cable laced point to point wiring.


Our Work


The design of both the circuit and layout are made to give you the sound you want in an elegant final product built to last.

We carry a number of new old stock (NOS) and new in box (NIB) vacuum tubes suitable for all audio needs.


The output transformers and other wound components are key in the performance of a vacuum tube amplifier so they are wound in-house to spec.

Quality components both NOS and new are used depending on what is needed.


Construction and wiring is carried out with great care, lacing all wires appropriately and checking every soldered connection like vintage mil-spec equipment.

The amplifiers are tested and broken in to ensure perfect operation and left ready to enjoy music.


Contact Us

To start designing your dream amplifier, or any inquiries you may have, contact us at: